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Growing customers expectations

Customers are spoilt for choice and bombarded with information about the product on almost every channel. From choosing between various channels to becoming indifference to which channel they ultimately choose, customers are fast moving towards the omnichannel way of shopping as the norm, not the exception.


How to Adopt an 'Omnichannel' Mindset

Customer's expectations of seamless shopping experience are at an all-time high, enabled by the advance of mobile and retail technology. As such, customers do not think of their retail experience in terms of channels or interactions, they consider the experience with the brand as a whole and retailers will have to step up to the challenge to adapt and improve.


Omnichannel Experience

Other than mapping a customer journey, businesses need to have a seamless fulfilment process in place. Regardless of the point-of-sales customers choose to purchase from, the process should have minimal friction and provide the same level of instant gratification – a crucial expectation from highly-connected customers today.